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Collos offers a collection of location-ready APIs all allowing free prototyping with instant sign-up. What is more, within the Collos framework and market place it is easy to build on top of existing technology adding intelligence and learning to make new and powerful location services. Your new location service can be kept private or shared back to Collos for others to use. When sharing back to Collos, you set the price of using it - it can even be free, if you choose.

Collaborative Location Service for IoT USE CASES

Realizing the most valuable add-on service for IoT services

Collos Features:

API Marketplace
API Publishing Platform
Collaboration & Learning
Sensor Reference Designs
Emulate & Validate
+ More Features

Collos Connects:

+ More Connections



Collos brings technologists and application innovators together

Application innovators know and understand the needs of their application. They know what type of service they need and when. Application innovators specialise in applications such as parcels, pets & ports.

Technologists understand the physics of how to locate an object from sensor data. Technologists specialise in solving tough technology problems such as ‘it is on the right road, conveyor belt or doorstep? These all present very different technological challenges.

Bringing technologists and application innovators together costs time and money… until Collos.

  • Technologists focus on technology
  • Application Innovators focus on applications
  • Reduce time to revenue
  • Open new markets and monetize new ideas

Why get started?

  • Connection technology agnostic: Bluetooth, Cellular, LoRaWAN, WiFi…and more
  • Free use on everything (limited)
  • Low latency, all-in-one place solutions
  • Instant sign-up… try it today!

Learn About Collos

What’s available?

  • Standard API interfaces with swagger
  • Documentation, code samples, test results, more
  • Reference designs for device hardware
  • SDKs where required

Publish Your Code

Why you’ll be a fan!

  • Optimised hybrid solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Publish, share and monetize your own solution

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