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Let Technology meet Applications

Collos enables low cost devices to intelligently satisfy complex IoT use cases.

Consider the case of a parcel tracker. It must be accepted into the system at the start of its journey, pass through multiple systems potentially moving from public network coverage to private systems covering depots and hubs before being ‘delivered’ at the destination. To fully address this use-case the device must support different needs in different places. LoRaWAN location can satisfy the requirements when on the road but NFC, RFID, Bluetooth & WiFi may all play a part in locating the device along the journey.

Application Innovators

Fast make or buy decisions

Application innovators can now easily select the exact mix of technologies that they require. With all the documentation and reference material available, making the perfect recipe is faster than ever.

  • Evaluate existing APIs
  • Align technology & application requirements
  • Define optimizations
  • Create new application API
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Open new markets

Technologists focus on improving their technology while Collos takes care of finding a whole new range of applications that perfectly suit their technology.

  • Create and publish APIs
  • Define accuracy, coverage etc.
  • Deployment guidelines
  • Device reference design(s)
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Global Market

Globally market your API for your application(s) as well as using it yourself. Enable others to reuse and embed your API into theirs (learn from the crowd). Re-tune your API for adjacent applications.

  • Contributor defined tariff
  • Contributor defined visibility
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The fastest way to develop low power IoT use cases

Optimization of critical parameters such as battery power as well as on and off-board computing complexity are taken to a new level, fast. With Collos, creating an optimized device and service for any use case only needs in-depth application knowledge rather than requiring in-depth research into the location technologies. Rapid ‘make or buy’ decisions are now possible without having to develop the entire device, stack and service. Decisions can take into account the CAPEX/OPEX costs of each technology, with latencies and costs of API calls easily to hand. Collos is lowering barriers, reducing time and cost of development for IoT use cases.