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What To Expect

Full support for API consumption and creation

Collos offers a full set of swagger API documentation with examples in all the forms expected by API users today. Collos is also available on multiple cloud platforms in order to minimise cost and latency.

  • Full swagger and Open API support
  • Documentation on APIs including selection criteria
  • Free sign-up and trial on all APIs
  • Test data to validate implementation

Publish new APIs

Support tools for publishing and validating new content

Once a new application or technology is developed it can be run in Collos as a private service or published for others to consume.

  • Test and validation tools available
  • Easily manage users of your API
  • Cost optimised consumption of others’ APIs
  • Easily manage billing
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Location of wireless IoT devices

Locating a wireless device always involves analysing multiple radio signals. These can be either received by the device or from it. Each location technology has its limits in terms of range, accuracy, power consumption, robustness and complexity. Location-ready APIs will, in general expect to be provided with a set of data describing the signals received by, or from, the device. The API will process the data in order to return an estimated location.

With most real-life applications requiring more than one location technology, some intelligence is required in order to optimize the power consumption, accuracy and cost of computation. For more information on LoRaWAN geolocation please click here.

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Integration with LoRaWAN networks

Integrations for easy additions to LoRaWAN networks

Collos allows two forms of data to be merged into single queries and the different data to be intelligently utilized in a calculation. This data comes from (1) the device’s on-board sensors such as WiFi or Bluetooth captured data, and (2) network meta-data such as time of arrival of the signal at multiple base stations.

  • Build your own API in Collos or call existing APIs
  • Run in Collos for reduced latency
  • Interface other APIs as required
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Location Warehouse On the Road In the Hub
Location Requirements Which Isle/Shelf Progress en-route
Which truck
Which Belt, Door etc.
Selected Location Technology Bluetooth Beacons LoRaWAN Bluetooth Beacons
Why 3D location

Update when moved
Wide area coverage

Several updates per hour.
3D location
Update when moved
Accuracy 30cm 2km 5m
Sensor Techniques (1) No Movement detected = send 4 hourly updates
(2) Movement detected or no Blutetooth beacons = send 10 min updates
Server Techniques If Bluetooth data received, call 3D Bluetooth API & report Bluetooth location
Else call LoRaWAN API and if LoRaWAN position correlates with a truck, report position of truck else report LoRaWAN location.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

Connection Technology:
LoRaWAN (sensors), GPS enabled LoRaWAN for trucks

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Location At home Urban Rural
Location Requirements Home or not? Approximate track of walk Track walk, recover lost pet
Selected Location Technology Sniff home WiFi WiFi fix + LoRaWAN LoRaWAN + GPS if ‘lost’
Why Detect when home to reduce power consumption Track a walk/find lost pet Track a walk/find lost pet
Accuracy Home or not House & Street 100m (recall range)
Sensor Techniques Sniff for Home WiFi every 10 mins.
(1) If home, disable GPS & send hourly ‘I’m home’ message

(2) If not home, send WiFi sniff data every 10 min
(3) If ‘lost’ received, activate on-board Bluetooth & send 5 min GPS location
Server Techniques If GPS location received, report GPS result
Else If ‘home’ received, report ‘at home’
Else If WiFi sniff data received call WiFi API and report WiFi result
Else call LoRaWAN API and report LoRaWAN result
If ‘pet lost’ message received from APP, send ‘lost’ to sensor on next message.

Pet Tracking

Pet Tracking

Connection Technology:

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Location Grazing In Farmyard In Milking
Location Requirements Which field? Which pen or barn? Which stall?
Selected Location Technology LoRaWAN Long Range Beacons RFID
Why Track which field
Monitor health alerts
Locate pen or barn
Monitor health alerts
Which stall: monitor output, administer feed and medication
Accuracy 100m 10m Which milking stall (50cm)
Sensor Techniques Sniff for yard beacon every 10 mins.
(1) If not ‘in yard’, send ‘in pasture’ every 30 min
(2) If ‘in yard’, complete beacon sniff and send sniff data every 10 min
(3) If Health alert, send health alert data
Server Techniques If milking stall RFID detects cow, report ‘in Milking stall N’
Else If beacon data received call beacon API and report Beacon result
Else If ‘in pasture’ received, call LoRaWAN API and report LoRaWAN result

Cow Tracking

Cow Tracking

Connection Technology:

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These examples are intended to show the kind of techniques that are made easy with Collos and the ability to combine multiple technologies in one place. They are in no way intended to represent a full and complete solution and may contain errors or omissions.